Startup PEI - Supporting Prince Edward Island's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Prince Edward Island is known for its innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We have a diverse population of ideators, innovators, creators and entrepreneurs who are encouraged and supported by our local and national governments.

Now, through Startup PEI, we are able to provide Island Entrepreneurs and Founders with access to national and global support, resources, and opportunities that are powered by Startup Canada. As an inclusive entrepreneurial organization, we are dedicated to enhancing and supporting a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem across the Island. We look forward to working with all members of PEI's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and helping Island entrepreneurs transform their ideas and dreams into innovative businesses.

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Starting A New Business

About Startup PEI

Startup PEI is an Inclusive Entrepreneurship organization dedicated to developing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem across Prince Edward Island. We are committed to helping Island Entrepreneurs fully explore their dreams, passions and new ideas to their full market potential, while connecting founders to local and national business development support and resources to launch and grow their business.

Our goal is to inspire and motivate entrepreneurial success by helping to fuel and build the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, while connecting Island entrepreneurs with the national Startup Canada network that provides new opportunities and initiatives for Island Founders.

Our launch services focus on ideation and early-stage startups (0-3 years). We also work with people who are transitioning between careers and exploring self-employment opportunities, whether that is launching and starting their own business or purchasing an existing one.