Startup PEI provides programming, workshops and clinics for early-stage entrepreneurs in the 0-3 year phase of business. We provide ideation and entrepreneurship programs, leadership and personal development, and founder-focused events that inspires and motivates. All of our programs are designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs as we understand and share the Startup and entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Creating Your Million $$ Idea
  • Gateway To Entrepreneurship
  • Dream - Launch - Grow Entrepreneurial Ideation
  • PEI Fuckup Nights

Why do some business ideas take-off and flourish while others crash and burn? This ideation clinic is for anyone thinking about starting a business and exploring entrepreneurship as a lifestyle. You will discover where great ideas come from, learn the secret sauce and ingredients of what makes a great business idea, explore market trends, spot some of the best businesses to launch, learn design thinking for business builders, and create a business that customers are loyal to.

Are you interested in becoming an Entrepreneur? Do you have a great idea for starting a new business but are not sure about the steps to take? Attend Gateway to Entrepreneurship to learn and discuss what you need to know about opening the doors of your own business in Prince Edward Island. This is an opportunity to learn from experienced business owners about some of the basic activities involved in starting a successful business.

The Dream Launch Grow Entrepreneurial Ideation Program is for business builders and innovators to ideate and design the best value proposition for an idea or business. In our Ideation Rooms, we create a safe space that encourages exploring and developing ideas without disclosing proprietary information. For Founders Only!

PEI Entrepreneurs

PEI Entrepreneurs

Fuckup Nights is an international speaker series, community and movement. Our goal is to normalize mistakes and failure as part of the entrepreneurial journey, and to speak without filters, shame, embarrassment or guilt because we celebrate the Fuckups. At PEI Fuck Up Nights, failures are admitted, lessons are taught and memories are celebrated.